Dana Gumb on sustainable stormwater management

Our thanks to this month’s speaker in our Freshkills Park Talks series, Dana Gumb, as well as to everyone who came out to see his talk at the Arsenal last week.  Dana explained a host of innovative approaches, implemented by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection within the Staten Island Bluebelt and other outer borough watersheds, to capture and treat stormwater as a way of restoring native habitats, beautifying neighborhoods, preventing floods and mitigating the environmental impacts of sewage overflow.

The Bluebelt corridor is one of the largest attempts by any municipality in the US to manage stormwater in this ecologically sound and cost effective way.  Dana’s talk articulated not only the need for bluebelts and the methodology for constructing them, but also the value—functional and aesthetic—they confer to local communities.  If you weren’t able to make the lecture, his slideshow is available for download as a PDF (19MB).

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