Communications Intern: Liz Campos

Hello everyone! My name is Liz Campos and I am a summer intern hired through Queens College.  I am so excited to be working at Freshkills Park! Currently I am a rising junior with a major in political science and am considering a minor in communications. Born and raised in Long Island, I have always had a love for the outdoors and animal life, so it is definitely exciting to be able to take an active part in conserving and helping it thrive–even if it is a small part.

What are you working on, and why do you think it’s interesting/important?

I am going to be assisting with social media marketing, some administrative bits, and even sponsorship requests. I personally find social media to be an essential tool because it allows the chance of marketing to wide range of people–of all ages. In this new age, the internet has become one the most accessible household items– and the only one that provides us with endless knowledge at our fingertips. What if we used that tool for good? To save the environment whilst educating the masses? If we teach this new generation better than what we knew, who is to say that we can’t salvage the world? Fix global warming? Save endangered biomes? What is important to me is starting at the root– creating better habits then the ones we were taught to leave the world eventually better off.

What drew you to Freshkills Park?

What drew me to Freshkills Park is the fact that it was a landfill. I feel many Americans today are so out of touch with anything that does not immediately concern them and their lives. Nobody stops to think: “Wait, where does this garbage even go?” Freshkills not only proves that there are safe ways to deal with garbage and it excretions, but there are also ways to restore the environment sustainably. It is evident as Americans, we make so many detrimental mistakes. It is genuinely nice to see an attempt made at fixing our mistakes, one that can be repeated by many generations to come.

What is your favorite topic surrounding Freshkills Park and why?

My favorite topic surrounding Freshkills is the fact there are so any activities being done with the goal educating the public. They are diverse, family friendly, and made to be price accessible for patrons of all incomes. These activities are made to be available to everybody, which might be my favorite part about Freshkills.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite colors are purple and pink, just like my hair!

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