East Park – In Design

Photo by Sean Sweeney.

The 482-acre East Park sits along Richmond Avenue, Staten Island’s major commercial corridor, and is bordered by the newly opened New Springville Greenway. East Park has beautiful expansive meadows, freshwater wetland ponds and creeks and has become a favorite stopping point for some of the area’s birds, including for the first time, the grasshopper sparrow. East Park’s paved circular road has already been used with great enthusiasm for walking and cycling during special events.

The East Park early access plan, which will open up a large acreage of park space for passive recreation, is currently in Design. The plans include a vehicle entrance at Yukon Avenue, parking, separate pedestrian access points, security fencing, a permanent kayak launch, pathway connections for the six miles of walking trails, and a wetland boardwalk.

Anticipated as a part of the longer term plans for East Park include provisions for a roadway connection between 440 and Richmond Avenue.

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